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  • Hidden Histories: “I loved every minute of this fascinating tour which began on McGill campus, scene of much intrigue over the centuries it has dominated downtown Montreal. Donovan King is passionate about First Nations history and knows where the bodies are buried, as well as where mysterious cats left their tiny footprints as he weaves scary tales of tobogganing ghosts with the dark history of mind control. Montreal's buildings and public squares are seething with stories most of us are unaware of - Donovan brings them to life with oratorical skill and plenty of humour.”
  • Haunted Pub Crawl: “We attended the haunted pub crawl our first night in Montréal and had an amazing time! Our hosts were excellent storytellers and showed us a great time! We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking for an exciting evening with some Montréal history and ghost stories!”
  • Haunted Griffintown: “This tour was a treat! The guide, a talented storyteller, brought Griffintown alive with the stories of places and people who'll never make it into most history books. I've lived in Montreal my whole life, but barely knew anything about the history of Griffintown. The tour gave me a feel for this neighborhood's past in a way that simply walking around on my own could never do. I love knowing there was once a huge old church at what is now a park or what chilling things happened at a factory that is on surrounded by condos. This part of town is now a lot more interesting to me. I highly recommend it.”


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