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Montreal is Canada’s most haunted city and Griffin Tours offers four different ghostly excursions. Led by professional actors and storytellers, our ghost walks and haunted pub crawls are among the most thoroughly-researched in North America. Sure to please ghost hunters, history buffs and Hallowe’en lovers, our tours feature true local ghost stories at haunted locations and paranormal activities plaguing Montreal.

Haunted Mountain

Haunted Mountain is a spooky, lantern-lit Ghost Walk up the slopes of Mount Royal. Beginning in Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, the ramble visits various haunted sites on the mountain, including several locations where ghosts have actually been sighted.

A theatrical guide will regale guests with ghost stories, mysteries and legends about Mount Royal, including haunted hospitals, abandoned castles, cemeteries teeming with undead spirits, and all sorts of paranormal activities on the mountain. Visitors will learn about the place of Mount Royal in Montreal’s history and lore, including the legend of the cross, the ghost of l’Esplanade Street, and the child-victims of the Alan Memorial Institute’s brainwashing experiments, and the tragic tale of Jack McLean and the Haunted Funicular.

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Guests will also visit Simon McTavish’s forgotten tomb, recently disturbed by archaeologists digging into the mountain where his earthly remains lie. The angry fur baron’s ghost is known to terrify people – by tobogganing at high speeds down the slopes of the mountain – in his own coffin!

Haunted Mountain aims to satisfy a taste for local history, spine-tingling ghost stories and an unforgettable ramble on the slopes of Mount Royal!

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Haunted Downtown

Downtown Montreal is a very busy and bustling place. With towering skyscrapers and a professional workforce that empties out by 5 p.m., it’s the last place one would expect to encounter the paranormal. However, just beneath the veneer of urban respectability lie many dark secrets, from forgotten cemeteries to ghost-infested buildings, and the numerous hauntings that go with them.

The Haunted Downtown ghost walk visits haunted bars, a forgotten graveyard, hotels rife with paranormal activity, and other locations where ghosts have been spotted!

Learn the twisted and sickening “Legend of the Red Cross” and hear about the new Concordia University student residence, the former Grey Nuns’ Motherhouse, where a mysterious crypt lurks just below the building.

Visit a spooky old funeral home that has been converted into one of Montreal’s trendiest nightclubs. Clients sometimes get more than they bargained for, especially if they dare to visit the ladies’ room or the attic!

Discover the old Saint-Antoine Cholera Cemetery and hear tales of deranged doctors dissecting dying pregnant women to the approval of overzealous priests. Learn about Mark Twain’s only recorded paranormal experience and discover the strange hauntings at the luxurious Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Haunted Griffintown

Griffintown is one of Montreal’s most historic neighborhoods – and one of its most haunted. Featured on World’s Scariest Hauntings, the area has witnessed everything from dying Irish refugees during the Famine of 1847 to the Industrial Revolution to Montreal’s worst air disaster. Today, condominium towers are sprouting up in the Griff, but new residents are quickly learning that the district was once a rowdy shantytown – and it’s also ghost-ridden!

The Haunted Griffintown Ghost Walk visits mysterious ruins, a polluted canal, former burial grounds and creepy old buildings that are said to be haunted. A vacant, decrepit brewery hosts psychics in search of a murdered girl, a condominium reminds locals of its past as a chocolate factory, and the ghostly ruins of St. Ann’s Church sometimes produce paranormal activity.

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Learn about Black ’47, when the area witnessed one of Canada’s worst tragedies, as tens of thousands of typhus-stricken Irish immigrants disembarked from “coffin ships” after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Despite heroic efforts by nuns and Mayor John Mills to care for the sick in fever sheds, the disease killed over six thousand people, including the Mayor himself. Most of the dead were buried in nearby mass graves, only to be disturbed again and again by industrial activity.

Learn the conspiracy theory surrounding Montreal’s worst air disaster, when a Liberator Bomber slammed into the neighborhood, killing 15 people during WW II.

Finally, hear the deranged tale of Mary Gallagher, the headless prostitute. Montreal’s most infamous ghost story, she was murdered and decapitated by her best friend Susie Kennedy in 1879. The headless ghost of Mary Gallagher is said to return to the Griff every seven years, still searching for her head.

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Haunted Pub Crawl

Montreal is clearly the best metropolis to mix booze with creepy ghost stories, an ideal place to pour back some libations while pondering the city’s brutal and sordid past and the ghosts that resulted from the worst of crimes and circumstances.

The Haunted Pub Crawl visits three haunted pubs. Starting at McKibbin’s Irish Pub in Downtown Montreal on Bishop Street, guests will not only learn about many of the haunted drinking establishments in the city, but will also hear Montreal’s most infamous ghost stories.

Enjoy haunted pubs, spine-tingling Montreal ghost stories and learn about the historical forces that transformed the ancient Indigenous island of Tiotà:ke into Ville-Marie, an austere French colony founded by Catholic evangelists. After the British invaded in 1760, the city was transformed again into a booming financial center and crime hub, a site of violent rebellion and subversive revolution and finally into Canada’s most haunted city.

Hear the paranormal tales behind the mysterious McKibbin’s Irish Pub, the famous Sir Winston Churchill, funeral-home-cum-discotheque Club Le Cinq and, of course, Hurley’s Irish Pub, where a ghost known only as the Burning Lady haunts the establishment.

Join us on this unforgettable pub crawl, where you can drink some spirits with a spirit, all the while learning the city’s deranged history and hearing spine-tingling local ghost stories!

Paranormal Investigation - Old Sainte Antoine Cemetery

Do you believe in the paranormal?

Hosted by a real Medium or Ghost-hunter, Haunted Montreal’s “Paranormal Investigation - Old Sainte Antoine Cemetery” takes guests on a dark adventure into the mysterious world of ghost-hunting.

From 1799-1855, Sainte Antoine Cemetery was the site of approximately 70,000 burials, many of them interred in mass graves due to a series of Cholera epidemics that struck the city. In this Catholic burial ground, all sorts of atrocities occurred. Doctors autopsied bodies out in the open. Priests advised pregnant women to receive the horrible “infant baptism” operation. People were buried alive.


Today, the old cemetery is hidden just underneath two of Montreal’s most stunning and popular urban parks - Dorchester Square and Place du Canada. Due to the atrocious history that unfolded in the old Sainte Antoine Cemetery, today these parks are a major hotspot for paranormal activity in Downtown Montreal.

Guests will learn strategies and techniques to locate and communicate with spirits. Ghost-hunting tools such as Dowsing Rods, EMF Readers, Temperatures Guns and other devices will be made available to reach out to the many deranged spirits that haunt the Old Sainte Antoine Cholera Cemetery.

Not only will guests learn about the cemetery’s ghosts and paranormal activities, but also a haunted statue and the haunted buildings that surround the cemetery’s urban environment, such as the Sun Life Building, Old Windsor Hotel, Chateau Champlain Hotel, St George’s Anglican Church and Marie-Reine-du Monde Cathedral and Basilica.

This otherworldly experience is designed for those interested in the paranormal and ghost-hunting, as seen on television programs like Rencontres Paranormales, Most Haunted, TAPS’ Ghost Hunters and many others. It is also popular for those keen to learn more about Montreal’s hidden and deranged history.

Our Guides


Anton Golikov

Anton Golikov is an urban explorer and professional storyteller from Vladikavkaz, Russia. He is acutely attuned to the paranormal, and is a friend to humans and spirits alike. Anton has recently appeared on British TV's "World's Scariest Hauntings".

John David Hickey

John David Hickey

John David Hickey (AKA The Professor) is an award-winning storyteller and has been telling tales at events and festivals across Canada for over 25 years. He has been giving haunted walks with Haunted Montreal since 2017. Listen to his stories at www.johndavidhickey.ca



Lily is a Montreal based storyteller with a background in theatre, film and song. Her Celtic heritage has given her a love for stories of the supernatural and a sharp wit with which to tell them.



Liana, born in Montreal, started doing theater as a child. She co-founded her own theater company, “Last One Standing Productions”. The company's 1st production, “House of Yes”, in which Liana performed, was a success. Overwhelmed with the administrative tasks of theater production, Liana left LOS productions, but continued to act, preferring, above all, to play spooky roles.



Originally from Ireland, Niamh moved to Montréal in 2017. Since then she has found herself involved in a diverse range of theatre projects and productions. With a strong interest in history and a passion for tale-telling, she is delighted to be one of our guides at Griffin Tours!

Donovan King

Donovan King

Co-founder of Griffin Tours, Donovan King is an Irish-Montrealer with a passion for acting, guiding, education, ghost stories and postcolonial activism. Known as the “King of Montreal’s Hidden Histories”, Donovan researches and creates the walking tours and pub crawls and also leads many of the tours himself.

Velma Cabriole-3

Madame Morphine

Madame Morphine has a passion for cultural history activism of Montreal's underground performance scene. She is also involved in a wide array of performances and productions having a background in theatre and movement. She will lead you on a rollicking ramble thru the city recounting history with a twist!



Émile has been working as an actor for over a decade and started performing in ghost walks in 2013. Passionate about storytelling, you might encounter him on the mountain or in Griffintown as Mr E.